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Glorious Health Club Washington
Apr 17 2018 BY: ANONYMOUS
Open 24 hours a day. Spacious building, very dark in some areas, over 40 glory holes in two GH rooms, admission varies from $12 to $25 (check their website), two porn rooms, large entertainment area with fake jail cell, stretchers, three slings, punching bags, double-bed, padded tables. Seven free private rooms (from closet size to slightly larger); 14 very small rentable rooms with porn TVs and a single-size cot with fresh linens; two rental rooms with a double bed, sling, & porn TV. A locker room, a shower (sauna room temporarily closed), bring your own towell & lock or rent or buy them there, two lounge rooms with regular TV, lots of chairs & benches. Two totally dark rooms where guys will stand against the walls; one of those rooms has a few benches. There's a large highly walled outside patio & roof deck. You'll find all types of activities in all areas. Club is cleaned every day with disinfectant (during cleaning, lights may be turned on). The overall condition of the club is poor; flimsy construction with many unfinished projects; it's NOT like the pauche Crew Club in downtown DC. You'll find from 8 to 40 guys (all ages 18+) there most times; almost 300 guys (age 21+ only) on some weekend party nights (dressed naked, in leather, in thongs, and some in street clothes). Free condoms. No drugs. Alcohol two party nights a month ONLY. Mixed racial makeup ... mostly black during week and mostly white for party nights. You'll also see Hispanics and some Asians. I visited the club during the daytime on Saturday Mar 31, 2108 and blew 15 guys, on Sat. Apr 7th 26 guys, and Sat Apr 14th 10 guys (some guys were same-day repeats). Only about a fourth of the guys wanted sucked off; most wanted just to be warmed up or to save their load for other activities. Visit the club at least twice (different days and times) to get a feel of the place.
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