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Erotic Zone Hartford
Apr 27 2018 BY: Danceinmyshadow - 26 / Bottom / No Preference
I'm a young bottom cum slut from a good 30 miles away, but i was feeling horny a couple days ago so i drove here to try it out. I get here and the parking lot is packed with cars, which, for me, is a good thing because then i know i didn't show up for nothing. I get in, pay my $10 and head to the back. Being my first time, i didn't know what to expect, so when i go all the way in back, i was shocked to see a lot of guys just standing around near the live viewings. I make my way in and a guy looks at me and whips out his cock. Now, being the exhibitionist i am, i love an audience, so i immediately get on my knees and start sucking him off. Then another guy takes out his dick, and i'm just kneeling there, having the time of my life, being watched for being the cum slut i am. I suck these guys to completion, then a couple others and then take a break. Like 20 mins later i'm back on the floor and an older guy has me follow him to a room, has me suck off his HUGE dick and then fucks me up the ass, which i'm not used to buy FUCK did it feel good. I suck off a couple more dicks and i leave, but man i will definitely go back and be a the biggest slut i can be. I'm going to start stretching my ass more just to please more of you, so if you see me checked in here, or want to meet up with me personally, hit me up, cause just going here made me want to be a bigger slut and hungrier for cum.
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mroutdoors brentwood
AGE: 28    POSITION: Versatile    PREFERS: No Preference
looking for hot bottom n blk/h
Looking for hot bottom who get into being pounded and slammed, age is no issue or body type just not into really chubby guys. I like all types of ass a hairy ass is +++ that love getting rimmed,I am also into huge blk n hisp, middle eastern dicks to top me no age issue hairy is +++ but not must I ...
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