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Glorious Health Club Washington
Jan 15 2023 BY: bottombill - 70 / Versatile / No Preference
This place has off street parking which is monitored. a big plus. Inside the city has made them take out the glory holes. and a bunch of the rooms. they stil have some rooms though. they have two small video rooms playing gay porn, and porn playing in the big room. they have several sex slings in various places. I love this place. last time there i got naked and met a guy i sucked, he fucked me for an hour, stopping once for me to suck him again. all under some lights so everyone could watch. he finally came in my mouth. i laid back and showed everyone his cum dripping off my tongue onto my chest..
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poshboycarl Weymouth
AGE: 50    POSITION: Top    PREFERS: Safe Sex Only
older for younger
Hi I´m in my 50’s looking for good times with younger men but all there seems to be here are timewasters who just want to perve on your pictures.I keep hoping there are some genuine guys out there
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