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Palm Beach Book & Video Lake Worth
Jul 23 2018 BY: pbcbim - 65 / Versatile / Safe Sex Only
I have visited this place off and on for the past 10 years. My experience has been varied, but overall it does the job. I’m mainly into black guys and every now and then I get lucky. I went there last Friday around noon and there was a middle aged muscular black guy in the gay video area stroking his big black cock and wandering around the room showing it to the mostly older guys in the room. Occasionally someone would start sucking him, but he would move on after a few minutes so someone else could suck him. After a while he came over to me and I started sucking him too. I was sitting and he started pushed his cock in and out of my mouth - getting harder with each stroke. After a few minutes I could tell he was getting close and then he put one of his legs up on the chair next to me and began holding the back of my head and pushing his now huge cock deep into my throat. I could tell there was a large crowd around us, but I couldn’t have cared less. I began playing with his balls and soon after he pushed his cock deep into my throat and pumped a generous load of cum deep down my throat. It was so fucking fantastic I almost came myself just from tasting his delicious load. Without saying a word he pulled his cock out of my mouth, zipped up and walked away. Still able to taste his cum in my mouth, I stroked myself until I came, zipped up and left too. It was, for me, the perfect adult theater encounter and I’ll definitely be back this Friday at noon looking for him.
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