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Mar 13 2018 BY: Givit2Mee - 58 / Bottom / No Preference
To qualify the five stars, it's the best, safest cruising spot in the Jacksonville area. It's tired around the edges, not always spotless clean and can't begin to compare to some of the clubs in other parts of the country, but I don't know of anything better in the area. It's hit-or-miss as far as when to go. I've been there with 15-20 guys roaming around, and also been there alone for long stretches. Tuesdays are usually the best, lunch times can get a burst of quickies, Sunday afternoons maybe (if the Jags aren't playing). No porn, but a TV room. Sauna gets some good action sometimes. Lockers are cheapest option, but getting a room gives you a place to relax and wait for someone to look in and maybe join you. Often lots of older guys (like me), some pretty overweight and out of shape (not like me). Predominately white guys, but a few mixed race, asian, african american guys as well. I've sucked some pretty nice cocks here and been gang banged as well. Love being fucked in the sauna while sucking 2-3 guys at once. Have had some of my best fucks here, particularly by men of color (my favorite). Condoms are available for free and you can buy lube if you need it. I'd recommend giving it a try!
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joeyesyou Los Angeles
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Asian looking for fun
Tall, masculine Asian guy here. Love Latino and White. open to many things say hi to me
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