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JoeMac Los Angeles    Has More Photos Has Face Photo ONLINE
AGE: 62    POSITION: Top    PREFERS: Unprotected/Bareback  
LOOKING FOR: Fuck Some Ass
EXPIRES: 11 Hrs and 53 Mins
ICE. FIRE. LUST. PASSION. Torch ignited, smoldering flame. Fucking releases my DNA in you. I know where I stand. Age 62, Poz for over 22 years. I go on living. Retired; Military & Commercial aircraft. I'm 5 ft 9 1/2, 156, silver/grey hair, very dark eyes, trim mustache, 38" hairy chest, 32" waist, huge hands, defined body, thick 8" dick. Regard my restless, searching eyes- I hide no emotions. Magnitudes of longing are found there. I burn, I ache to be in a guy. I fuck with intense sensuality, slow and deep. I can be reckless as a rainstorm. Pumping away as you take the total release. Spontaneous combustion. Drain me, exhaust me, take me where I belong- IN YOU. Make me feel like there's no other like you. I don't ask for much. All I need is One Good Man. I GIVE ALL TO YOU. 8 Cylinder Power, Thrust, Motion. I've got a ticket to the night, to the dark where you wait for my entry. I'm ready to test drive your ass- want to go for a ride?

FuckBuddyLA Los Angeles    Has More Photos Has Face Photo Mobile Login RECENT
AGE: 38    POSITION: Versatile    PREFERS: Safe Sex Only  
LOOKING FOR: Anything Goes
EXPIRES: 11 Hrs and 59 Mins
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I'm looking for a Fuck Buddy in the Los Angeles area. Just clean Safe man 2 man fun.

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